the magic of christmass

My son is almost three years old. This is the first christmass where I have any chance of preparing him for what is going to happen. I really, really like christmass, so I want to tell him all about it in a way that will make him love it too. Christmasspropaganda, yes! In the beginning of december, I bought this christmass decoration, a nativity scene, in the secondhand shop in Sunne, along with all the little christmass-figurines I could find.

I tell him christmasss stories based on them. I make it up along the way and my son contribute with his ideas. Each day the stories gets more elaborated. In the beginning there was the flying angel, then the little boy (missing on this photo) had his flying basket. Now they are all flying, even the christmass-sheep. 
The most common plot in our stories is that santa claus and the christmassbear are looking for someone to give their presents to. Sometimes they just exhange with each other. That’s mostly because the little boy tends to disappear.
I like our christmassstories.
And then I noticed something else. When I was doing what I do a lot of the time: doing the dishes, cooking, tidying up, the little figurines kept moving. My son is playing with them constantly. He is retelling the stories we have invented together, he is playing with them. He even talks for them, they each have their own way of talking.
The magic of christmass is alive, merry christmass!

(Chronological sequence)

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